Evolving Trends in Hotel Bathroom Design

When you think of hotels you think of amazing, sleek and sexy. When you think of hotel bathroom you are dreaming of spa high end design. If it’s a basic hotel you will probably see standard tub, shower, and the sink in the counter-top. But more and more we are seeing luxurious  free-standing tubs and stylish vanities with modern fixtures. You can bring this to your bathroom and create that high-end feel.

A larger trend in hotels that are easily brought into the home is improving the light and space in the bathrooms. Hotels are always trying to conserve energy so they make the rooms smaller to fit more in each space. Because they are smaller and the hotel wants to create a relaxing experience for their customers they use simple tricks and solutions to make the rooms appear bigger. The use of mirrors and lights are that are used can create the illusion that the room is bigger. These tips are brought into the home to do the same.

Hotel bathrooms usually have clean lines and are extremely organized. This is the one place that needs to be clean and organized always. You don’t want to have guests come over and your bathroom is dirty or towels all over. You can take some tips from hotels and choose textures and colors to create a clean sleek space. For instance, pairing flat white paint with white fixtures and white flooring makes seeing dirt unavoidable. You want to decorate the room to that does not show every single piece or dirt. It’s much harder to spot with a variety of colors and textures.

There are always new developments that make home-owners wanting to bring them into their homes and create new styles, thus creating an explosion in the bathroom design industry. New designs are rolling in daily involving space-saving vanities and various shelving to create functionality.

Instead of cabinet vanities, designers are creating the illusion of more space with open shelving underneath sinks and over toilets. We see every inch of the small spaces being utilized while maintaining a certain theme or style. Create a new bathroom experience today! Visit Plumbtile to shop the latest trends and turn your bathroom experience into one you’ll never forget.