Evolving Trends in Hotel Bathroom Design



Hotel bathroom design is taking a turn from boring to chic. Instead of the standard tub and shower, and the sink in the counter-top, we are seeing more free-standing tubs and stylish vanities, highlighted with funky and classy wallpapers and colors. 

Light and Space

A larger trend is improving the light and space in the bathrooms. Most hotel bathrooms are small to conserve living space and energy, and while the bathrooms are still roughly the same square footage, designers are finding ways to make them seem bigger than they actually are through the use of mirrors and Switchable SmartGlass. World-renowned architect and designer, Matteo Thun, recommends taking down the walls and integrating bathrooms into the living areas for a more light and spacious feel.

Colors and Textures

The bathroom is the one place that needs to appear clean and organized at all times, especially in a hotel or business. The colors and textures one chooses to accomplish this are highly important. For instance, pairing flat white paint with white fixtures and white flooring makes seeing dirt absolutely unavoidable. We’re not saying that good decorating means the cleaning is a moot point; we’re simply pointing out that people usually go looking for dirt in a bathroom. It’s much harder to spot with a variety of colors and textures.

Style and Design

These new developments are making home-owners and small-businesses want to emulate the new styles, thus creating an explosion in the bathroom design industry. New designs are rolling in daily involving space-saving vanities and various shelving to create functionality.

Instead of cabinet vanities, designers are creating the illusion of more space with open shelving underneath sinks and over toilets. We see every inch of the small spaces being utilized while maintaining a certain theme or style.

Here are some great examples from houzz.com:


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