Everyone Loves a Clawfoot Tub


Just about everyone loves the look of a claw foot tub. It’s beautiful, elegant and can be the centerpiece of any room. However, what type of design style can you use with a claw foot tub?

You can make your claw foot tub the focal point of the room by painting the walls a beautiful color maybe something that is classic or serene to give it that romantic relaxing bathroom. I have always dreamed of having a claw foot tub sitting in the middle of my master bedroom. A claw foot tub whether old or new is the most beautiful and elegant of all tubs. Can you just imagine yourself sinking in a sea of bubbles. Well now that you have chosen your bath tub, what are you going to do about the rest of your room?

snip20161226_16How about deciding on the flooring. You can use textured flooring with your clawfoot tub to define your sub-spaces per their function. This is particularly effective in a small space such as a bathroom, where it can be achieved using contrasting flooring to carve out a designated space for relaxation. Plumbtile offers a great selection of pebble flooring that can off set your claw foot tub. This would create a spa environment.



m_dd2b7151681cThere are so many looks today that feature a clawfoot tub in the bathroom as well as the master bedroom. If you are looking for a more contemporary look to your bathroom accentuation a claw foot tub you can choose a gorgeous white subway tile and a wall-mount sink. This will create a more modern look.




You would be amazed that claw foot tubs can be found in all styles of bathrooms, from country chic to industrial modern and everything in between. The most fun part about a clawfoot tub is decorating around it! Choose the décor that will accentuate your claw foot tub, not drown it out. Call Plumbtile to speak with one of our sales associates at any time 1-866-758-6284.