Don’t Overlook Your Toilets When Your Remodel Your Bathroom

Toilets Overlooked

Not much thought is ever put into toilets when remodeling your bathroom. They are often overlooked and you just quickly grab the replacement toilet. Did you know that there are quite a few different toilets to choose from? Plumbtile carries the best toilets in all shapes and sizes for your remodeling projects. These toilets are available in floor mount urinals or wall mounted toilets . We also carry bidets as well as toilet seats if you are just looking to change that out.


Some of the brands we carry are Eago Toilets & Bidets , Cifial Toilets & Bidets , Danze Toilets & Bidets , Duravit Toilets & Bidets Porcelanosa Toilets & Bidets and so many more. If you are looking for a specific toilet, most likely we carry it.

When choosing a toilet you will want to choose between a 1-piece toilet or a 2 piece, the 1 piece is generally smaller than a 2-piece toilet. The tank is connected and sits lower on the bowl than on a 2-piece. Due to the smaller size, 1-piece toilets can be installed in bathrooms with less square footage that do not have as much space as a normal bathroom.

Our Whitehaus Collection completely raises the bar with its innovative, highly efficient and purifying toilet. It is a one-piece design that goes a step above all others with its ability to sanitize and oxidize unwanted odors. A simple touch of the deodorization LED touch button before use activates the stabilizing air control technology.  That is just one of the amazing features of the Whitehaus Collection.

Porcelanosa is another great toilet that offers a wide range of free standing and floor mounted toilets. Porcelanosa’s bathroom toilets offer ergonomic one piece options and dual flush toilet designs with a soft close thermoduric seat, along with ecological commitment granted by its WaterSense certification. So just remember when choosing a toilet there are so many other options for your bathroom. If you have any questions you can contact one of our specialists at Plumbtile.