Do You Know What Your Kitchen Style Preference Is?

Interior Of Farmouse Kitchen

When remodeling or decorating your kitchen you will first want to think about what style you are going for. You don’t want to randomly choose products until you choose to create a cohesive look. Perhaps you will a more vintage style or traditional, contemporary, industrial, or even a more rustic style. Make sure you choose a style based on your own personality. Remember you are the one that must live with the décor.

blanco-steelart-and-silgranit-250The first style is a tradition style. A traditional kitchen will mainly have wooden furniture that has natural tones and rounded edges. Using shades of beige or lighter browns tones to bring an elegant feel to the kitchen. Your kitchen will begin to feel brighter regardless of size.

Maybe you like a more rustic kitchen like I do. Traditional and rustic can be combined as they are very similar in design. Rustic décor are more natural materials with a natural or raw finish. Some finishes you can also have in a rustic kitchen are rough natural stone or bricks. You can also go to your local antique store and pick up some odds and ends to bring it a more comfortable vintage feel.

If that is not your style maybe you are in touch with some more industrial styles. Creating an industrial look is using metal, stainless steel, wood appearance, unfinished bricks, and tin. These are just a few materials that can bring your kitchen into the industrial style. You obviously do not want to add each piece of these metals otherwise your kitchen will have a more sterile feel. Just bringing a few of these elements into your décor will look truly fabulous.

The last is a contemporary and functional kitchen. A contemporary kitchen is more of functionality. Using straight lines, shiny furniture that reflects the light, and finished wood will create a nice contemporary kitchen. Contemporary is clean, fine lines that will create a beautiful, elegant kitchen. Contact one of our specialists at Plumbtile.