Designing Your Bathroom With Little Money

Many homes only have one bathroom. When it comes to renovating it, you have to consider practicality in addition to the aesthetics. It’s important to consider storage and other necessary touches to the room. Sometimes, however, the budget is not there to renovate to your needs and specifications. This shouldn’t stop anyone from trying to make their bathroom a personal oasis.

How can you renovate a bathroom without the large budget?

Storage. When walking in any room, it can immediately begin to feel claustrophobic when there is an abundance of clutter on your countertops. Minimize anything that is on display. Invest in shelving that can hold bins big enough to hold the products you will need on a regular basis. Because these are normally used products, make sure the shelving is displayed in an area that is easily accessible to anyone using your bathroom.

Hooks for towels. Towel rods, while once essential in any bathroom, may not be  as convenient as it used to be. This is especially true in a home that has multiple people using the same bathroom. Towel racks take up a huge amount of your walls, Ginger offers a wide variety of towel racks to accommodate every style.If you live in a colder climate, nothing is better than a warm towel on a cold day. Barber Wilson has freestanding and wall mounted towel rocks. . Another option that can provide you more space for everyone in your family would be to use towel hooks. This avoids the need to find temporary spaces to allow wet towels to dry. Everyone can hang their towel without cluttering. To add some style, how about towel warmers! Artos has the finest collection of towel racks that will warm your towel up for you! 

Add fabric. Nothing makes a room feel homier than adding fabric. Try using fabric curtains to set alongside the shower door for character. If there are windows in your bathroom, it is also good to match the shower curtains to the fabric added to your windows.

Decor. Many neglect decorating their bathrooms. But realistically it’s a great place to house amazing and unique artwork. A bathroom is not just meant for the obvious functions. In fact, it can be an incredible oasis. It can be a room where you can draw a bath and relax. It can be a nook for your vanity and other means of pampering. Invite other functions into this space. You won’t regret how a small piece of framed artwork could change the atmosphere.

Customized Shower Head. This is by far a must, especially if your intentions are making your bathroom a small getaway. There are so many shower heads to choose from that will be a perfect fit for your bathroom. The original hardware might not have the best water pressure. Explore various options that can provide you with different spray settings. You might even want a waterfall shower head, Aquabrass square showerhead will make you feel like you are showering outside in the rain. that you can simply just stand below. Some prefer dual shower heads if they intend on sharing their shower with a spouse. Whatever shower head is preferred, it can be the element that makes the bathroom your favorite spot in your home.