Creative Sinks by Julien

Julien kitchen sink

An important part of any kitchen is the sink. It is not only used to wash dishes but hands and foods as well. It could be fair to say that the sink sees quite a bit of action yet it is not often thought of. Julien sinks, a Canadian-based company, seeks to change that by creating sinks that are not only functional but appealing as well.

What Does Julien Offer?

Julien has a selection of kitchen sinks, as well as bar and utility sinks for both commercial and residential use. They also have a selection of bathroom sinks. Julien has worked with a host of major companies including Electrolux, GE, and Whirlpool. The company specializes in using sixteen-gauge stainless steel that is brushed and can match most brushed stainless steel appliances. The stainless steel is recyclable, and Julien does recycle its scrap pieces, and it can resist corrosion. Julien also offers some other options, such as fireclay, which is scratch-resistant, and quartz, which is bacterial and wear-resistant.

Julien kitchen sink


Why Julien?

While searching through the different collections of sinks, it can appear at first though everything looks the same. A closer investigation shows that they do have slight differences, especially between the Home Refinements and the ProChef series. It can be a little difficult to navigate through, but once you find something that appeals to you, you will find that you can completely customize your sink. You can choose the type of installation if you want a drainboard attached as well as the size and to which side it sits if you want a drawer and to which side, and where exactly you want the drain to sit. For every option you choose, a drawing appears so you can get a general idea of what your bathroom sink will look like. This gives you the advantage of seeing the sink before you purchase it.

At first glance, Julien appears to have a lot of the same product. Upon further investigation, however, you will find that each collection is just a little bit different and even still you can further customize your sink to have one that fits your needs, your style, and your budget.