Create a Bathroom for the Entire Family


Do you think there is an issue with creating a bathroom that is too girly or too masculine? Some may say there is no difference it’s just a bathroom. While to others it is their place of peace and sanctuary.

Creating a bathroom that is comfortable for all doesn’t mean it has to be boring and stale. At Plumbtile there are a number of designs and products to choose from to suit all styles. Fairmont Designs luxurious bathroom products provide a contemporary or traditional flare to your bathroom that you can dress up. Hirsch Glass is stained glass tile and mosaic creations from Hirsch Glass at Designed for residential, commercial, public and retail spaces, Hirsch Glass is a market leader in stained-glass tile and mosaic manufacturing.


The idea is to create a clever design that can cater to the needs of the entire family. Of course you might want an elegant or luxurious bathroom you may still need somewhere to store toys and clutter free from chaos. You can create the perfect bathroom design that the kids can enjoy and you can transform into a relaxing haven where you can let all of your stresses go.


Storage is one of the most important aspect consideration when designing a family bathroom. Who wants to walk into a bathroom about to relax and then trip over bath toys? Nothing can be more stressful. Choosing extra-wide vanity units such as this Ronbow Shaker cabinet can not only double the storage space but they will look beautiful!


If you don’t have the room for a large vanity you can choose some extra shelving to hold some of the clutter. Ginger would be perfect to collect all of those little toys or shampoos. With Plumbtile products you can create a bathroom fit for the entire family.