Cool Lines Will Get You into a Minimalist Lifestyle

Cool Lines Minimalism is quickly becoming a popular lifestyle choice all over the world. From cleaning out family heirloom collections to trading large pieces of art for barely-there pieces, minimalist practices are everywhere! The stainless steel bath accessories and decorative bathroom hardware products from Cool Lines USA will update your home or office to get you on the fast track to a visually appealing minimalist look.

cool-lines-platinum-collection-250All Cool Lines products are made to the highest of European standards out of 100% recyclable stainless steel and include a limited lifetime warranty. Available in both satin and polished finishes, you’re sure to find a collection that will look great in your space.

Why stainless steel? Stainless steel is considered the miracle metal for several reasons. It is known to have a “forever finish” due to being highly durable and resilient. It’s also hygienic, timeless, and easy to maintain. Cool Lines offers towel hangers, paper holders, hooks, bathroom shelves, door stops, tub and shower organizers, decorative hardware and more, all made of stainless steel.

Whether you’re looking to update a bathroom, add decorative hardware to refinished furniture, or find a special piece of statement wall art, the luxury designs of Cool Lines has you covered.

Cool Lines collections include Chromes, Cool Line, Crystal Seel, Penthouse, Platinum, and Vision. There are also several standalone styles that will take your bathroom design to the next level.