Contemporary vs Transitional Kitchen Styles


Doesn’t matter if you like the sleek modem lines of the contemporary look or the more “Homey” feel if a traditional design you can create the kitchen of your dreams. Your kitchen should be an extension of yourself and your home even if you have a different design or style in every room you will want to make it all flow well. So, let’s take a closer look at these two design categories.

When you think of contemporary you are really talking about today’s trends. Each period in history has had its own contemporary style that later became classic so the term contemporary is fluid and will change with the times. If you love sleek, clean lines and natural colors you will want to feature a contemporary design to your kitchen.

You will focus on high tech appliances and gadgets; your lighting tends to be pin lights and recessed lighting. While a “green’ kitchen is not limited to a contemporary kitchen more and more are featuring “green” building materials.

Now if you love traditional design you can incorporate some of the more sleek and clean lines of a modern kitchen with the traditional design that you love. Traditional design is all about warmth and togetherness, you can achieve this by adding a richer stain to your cabinets, the doors might have glass, your counters could be butcher-block, quartz or even ceramic tops. Composite countertops are making a splash as well because of the versatility and price point is easier on the budget.

Your wall colors will tend to be a warmer richer color, your flooring might be bamboo or cork and to add that extra surprise you might want to look at fancier lighting and trim, maybe add wainscoting in the dining area.

Now that you have the facts go crazy and design the kitchen of your dreams!