Combining Elements Together in Your Home


Ancient civilizations believed that the four elements made up up everything in the Universe. While modern civilizations may not hold the same beliefs, there’s no denying that the four elements have remained very important to our lives and our sense of style for thousands of years.

So it is no wonder that even though our homes are created to actually protect us from the elements, homeowners are drawn to the idea of incorporating the elements into their own personal living spaces. Furniture or wood and stone may represent Earth, while an overhead fan brings in Air, a soothing jet bathtub shows Water, and a crackling fire place houses Fire. Each element brings a different type of comfort, and when you bring them all together harmoniously, they can create the perfect sanctuary. For 2015, many people are looking for ways to combine top-of-the-line technology with rustic and comforting home design. Here are a few ways that you can incorporate these elements to create your dream vacation spot right at home.

Soak in the Bathroom

bathtubWhat better way to relax after a long day than in a warm, jetted bath?Not only does this bring the element of water into your home, but pair it with some candles, some nice stone tile, and an overheard fan for circulation, and you can bask in all four elements in your own private spa.

Brands like American Standard offer many soaking and whirlpool tubs for different tastes and lifestyles. For example, their “Free Spirit” tub offer arm rests lumbar support, and seating for two people, while their Ellisse models offer the beauty of understated elegance. Everything for different design aesthetics, budgets, and personal styles.

Cozy up to The Fire

fireandiceOf course most of us know the luxurious feeling of sitting next to a fireplace on chilly nights, and with a fireplace lined with heat-resistant stone tile, you can rest assured that this unruly element won’t get out of hand in your home.

Look for tiles like those from Casa Dolce Casa, which are made of hearty natural stone that resists heat well. Tiles that are made of unnatural ingredients may not withstand heat as well, and some lower-quality tiles may even produce unhealthy chemicals and gases if they get hot! Stay with natural, hearty stone in a variety of colors and you can be both stylish and safe.

Breathe Easier

screen-shot-2010-10-07-at-3-37-37-pmThe air quality in our homes is a growing concern for many families, as studies have shown that it might contain 10 times more pollution than the air outside. How can we breathe easy with our families in a home full of toxic air? Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to help eliminate those indoor pollutants like dander, cleaning chemicals, and more. One of the biggest things to do is make sure the air is constantly circulating through clean vents.

If it’s been a while since you updated the vents in your home, you may want to look into new ones from brands like Panasonic, who creates fans and vents that can be installed in the wall instead of the ceiling and create virtually no noise. Whether you’re updating or installing new vents for airflow, make sure that the products won’t disrupt your lifestyle with noisy operation!

Get Back to Earth

stone_forest_sinkPerhaps one of the easiest elements to incorporate, earth is both beautiful and durable and beautiful in almost any home. Through the use of stone tile and counter tops, you can create a cozy and rustic, sleek and modern, or virtually any other design you’d like. But for those who are looking for a truly out of the box and creative approach, consider options like stone sinks from brands like Stone Forest.

Since 1989, Stone Forest has created unparalleled hand-carved granite sculptures that combine the elegant simplicity of Japanese and contemporary design, and their Kitchen and Bath line continues this tradition of fine craftsmanship. Stone Forest sinks and tubs are hand carved from blocks of solid granite. Each stone sculpture will reflect the individual character of the block from which it was carved – making each one as unique as it is beautiful.

Whatever your bathroom design goals are for the coming year, we hope that you will consider inviting the elements into your home for a more relaxing and invigorating design. If you would like more advice or suggestions contact one of our decorating professionals here.