Choosing Porcelain Tile for the Outdoors

The two distinct differences from indoor tile and outdoor tile are durability and design. Outdoor patios are not only an extension of your living space but increase your property value too. When renovating an outdoor area, you need to select the best tile option for your area’s climate and weather.

The outside of a home is the first thing people see. Your yard is the first impression of the overall design and feel of your home. Curb appeal matters. Choosing the right tile designs will help your house stand above the other houses on your street.

Porcelain Tiles

Today, porcelain tiles are not limited to the inside of your home. Porcelain tiles have made the transition to your outdoor patio or deck. Just be sure that the porcelain tile you choose is specifically for outdoor use. These clay-based tiles are fade-resistant, extremely durable, and non-porous, making them ideal for the outdoors.


Unlike stone, porcelain tiles will not crack in extreme weather conditions. If you live in a climate with exceptionally hot summers or icy winters then these tiles are a no brainer. Porcelain tiles are water-repelling as well. Even in the heaviest of downpours, outdoor porcelain tiles will not absorb water. Because of this, it also makes certain the tiles will not crack in freezing environments.

Cleaning with Ease

Porcelain tiles require minimal effort to clean because they are non-porous. A little sweep is all you need to do in between deep cleaning. When the time comes for deep cleaning, soapy water will do the job well. Any standard washing liquid will work perfectly. Wet the scrubbing brush in soapy water and scrub the tiles to remove any dirt residue.

Slippery When Wet

Polished porcelain tiles can become quite slippery when wet. Opt for a porcelain tile with a matte finish or semi-polished finish by Happy Floors. This will provide more grip and reduce the risk of accidents. It is worth mentioning, that the higher the slip-resistance, the harder it will be to keep them clean.

If you are looking for a dramatic impact on the look and feel of your outdoor space, outdoor tiles are the way to go, especially porcelain tiles. Keep in mind your location, design preference, and lifestyle when selecting the perfect outdoor porcelain tiles for your patio or deck.