Bring Back Old-Fashion with Strom Living Plumbing

Strom Plumbing bathtub

If you like the look and products from the past, you will love Strom Living Plumbing! Strom Living Plumbing designs reflex items from the old days. So much you will feel like you went through a time warp.  You would see the styles that reflect your grandparent’s farmhouse, or of the traditional homes of the past generation!

Their products have a distinct one-of-a-kind look that was made from solid brass components and porcelain handles! Strom Living Plumbing specializes in creating the look of very old-fashioned style bath and shower combinations! But these old styles all come with new technical modernizations! If you are looking for a unique look and feel, Strom Living Plumbing is your brand!

The Strom Living’s elegant plumbing fixtures and hardware line was also created and assembled to symbolize the majestic waterways of the world. Their faucets, like the Rio Grande, represent the world’s beautiful rivers of the world and their tubs, such as the Echo, represent the world’s exquisite lakes.

Strom Living faucet


Strom Living Plumbing faucets are built with high quality, low lead brass. Their kitchen and bathroom faucets are lead-free per California AB1953 and meet every current regulation with regard to lead composition. Strom’ Living’s products are also exclusively assembled and tested in the United States.

Strom Living bathtub


Their tub legs are created from solid brass with either chrome, nickel plating, Satin Black, or Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. Their white tub legs are made with cast iron and premium gloss paint.  All of Strom Living Plumbing’s tubs include adhesive non-slip strips for the consumer to install if needed.

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