Blomus Modern Elements for Your Home

Blomus bathroom items

At Plumbtile we always try to carry the best and most updated products available on the market. One of those amazing brands is Blomus. Blomus has been around for quite some time. However, they launched their new gear toward the future in 2010. Their design encompasses everything about the modern home. They have founded their design on thoughtfulness, minimalist, and functional living for a modern home. Plumbtile carries four different lines of Blomus.

Blomus itemsBlomus Pure Wellness is based on creating a modern line for the bathroom that will include towel racks, toilet brushes, es, and toothbrush holders. Plumbtile can help you put together a bathroom that will give you better use of your storage. Every product helps to keep your space clean and organized while providing luxury and beauty to your bathroom.  The products for Blomus Pure Wellness come in a variety of finishes, including matte and polished.

Plumbtile has an outstanding selection of products such as the Blomus Home collection. This collection features platters, wine bottle holders, and collection trays. Your kitchen can reflect your personal style thanks to the available tea light holders and Frame Collection picture frames. Plumbtile also carries stylish wall hooks and waste bins. This collection will complete your modern design.

Bomus fire pitsWith the spring and summer around the corner, if you enjoy an outdoor kitchen, you will be able to keep outside invaders away courtesy of the Gel Firepit and Tabletop Gel Firepit. If you like planting and keeping them fresh in the home Blomus has a Greens Collection that will help you create an easy solution to keep them fresh and alive with their watering can.

Plumbtile carries the Blomus Pure Taste line of products. Some of the products carry are Tea Jane Teamaker, foldable Blend Collection Tray, and an array of snack bowls. You can add any of these products to create your own personal style. Make sure to check Plumbtile for all of our Blomus products.