Blanco Photo Caption Contest



BLANCO Photo Caption Contest

Blanco Sinks and Faucets, a family owned company since 1925, is teaming up with artist Kerstin Hiestermann for a photo caption contest. Users can enter their captions for the photo of the week and have a chance to win an iPad Mini. There is a new winner each week.

Inventive Simplicity

German artist Kerstin Hiestermann uses every day, ordinary objects and combines them with her own minimalist drawings to create a whimsical, simplistic artistry that can leave you uplifted and happy. She share her photos through the medium of Instagram.

u-boot-gHiestermann has quite a large following on Instagram and is incorporating some BLANCO items into her artwork for this contest. There will be a new contest and winner for each of seven weeks, with an 8th winner being the “People’s Choice” award in the eighth week. The user’s caption that get the most votes at the end will win the eighth iPad.


Enter To Win Be sure to add your caption to enter the contest and have a chance to win a brand new iPad Mini.


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