Bathroom Renovation: Contemporary Faucet Ideas



If you want to improve the value of your home a bathroom renovation is one of the best ways to do this. Not only does it add a great impact to the value but can also impact your families comfort.

Some of the things you want to think about when updating your bathroom is:

  • Countertop material
  • Using an existing sink or buying a new one
  • Where is the faucet opening
  • Space limits
  • Color scheme
  • Faucet style and finish
  • Style and layout of your bathroom
  • Budget

If you are looking for a contemporary style to your bathroom remodel you now have much more options, then you have in the past. Now contemporary bathroom faucets offer a sleek, updated modern look to your bathroom.

There is a large variety of contemporary bathroom faucet styles and designs that are available in many different types of materials. Some of the most popular types of materials is solid brass and nickel. One of the things to remember is if you want the faucets to last you should think about solid materials instead of plating. Over time plating finish can wear revealing the material beneath, pit and even need more repairs.

One of the biggest plus in contemporary bathroom faucets are that you can get both wall-mount and sink-mount styles. Some of the fastest growing sinks are bowl-like vessel sinks and wall-mount styles.


If you’re simply changing your faucet there are a few things to consider make sure you consider your hole openings and match your faucet to the openings.

  • Single-holecombination of spout and mixing handles requires only one sink hole. If you have a sink that has three holes look for a faucet that has a plate that covers the additional holes.
  • Center-set will work if you have a three-hole sink.
  • Widespread mounts have three separate pieces: Two handles and the spout. The three pieces are generally larger than other types of faucets. If you like this type of faucet but already have standard holes drilled, you are in luck! A smaller version is available it is called mini-spreads.
  • Wall mount faucetsare wonderful to give your bathroom that WOW factor. They are designed to go along with freestanding or vessel-type sinks and extend over the top of the bowl. stocks the widest array of contemporary and traditional faucet and tap designs. We offer a full line of exclusive Bathroom Faucets, no matter the style or finish you are looking for.