Bathroom Ideas Nautical Style

The sea; once it casts its spell, it holds one in its net of wonder forever. It’s no surprise that it is a great go to design for bathrooms today. With a nautical approach, you’ll be able to enhance your living space. This is especially a great idea for small living quarters and rentals. There are so many options available to you on our website that creating this style bathroom is easily attainable.

Mirrors. If you have watched the famous movie Titanic, then you know how gorgeous the mirrors in their washrooms were. Well, most people were paying attention to Leonardo DiCaprio, but for some design enthusiasts, a glance in a mirror didn’t go unnoticed. Needless to say, you can find many beautifully decorated mirrors with a quaint storage shelf extended on the bottom of the mirror. Simply place small bottles, toothbrushes, and other toiletries there so that they are at your quick disposal.

Towel Hooks. Have you ever considered using cleats as towel hooks? While it is not the typical usage for such a thing, it is a very clever and unique way to hang up your towels. It also lends to the nautical theme that you’re going for.

Towel Racks. Might you consider another alternative for your towel racks? No assembly required with the exception of a small hook for hanging. You can easily purchase a marine water bucket to store all of your towels for you and any guests using your facilities.

If this is not an idea to your liking, try using a towel rack made of rope. All you would have to do is install the hooks to tie your rope and you automatically have your very own nautical towel rack. Such a genius idea!

Soap Dish. Let’s face it, soap dishes can be annoying and can cause clutter. Why not eliminate the possibility of knocking down your soap dish and using one that is wall-mounted instead? It definitely contributes to the nautical look and provides a cleaner, less crowded look to your bathroom.

Cabinet Pulls. Pulls can make or break the look and feel of your bathroom. Streamline your nautical bathroom by finding the perfect cabinet pulls. These are so easy to install.

Storage. Not exactly thrilled about getting rid of your current towel rack? You can still make it look nautical. Simple hang purchased S Hooks from your towel rack to use as a storage area. Here, you can hang up hand towels, brushes, and any other accessories you use.

There are so many minor renovations you can undergo to provide your bathroom with a cozy and warming nautical feel. From mirrors to cabinet pulls, you can create many innovative ways to make more room in your bathroom so you can live and breath easier. Don’t give up on adding some charm to that bathroom design. The sea isn’t as far away as you think.