Top Bathroom Colors and Trends

Lilac Bathroom

Tired of the same old, white bathroom? While white might be a dominant color for bathrooms and that trend is unlikely to change, there are a growing numbers of new trends that can add interest and beauty to this often overlooked room. For example, the National Kitchen & Bath Association created a poll for the top bathroom design trends, and some of the answers may surprise you.

  1. Clean, white, contemporary designs.
  2. Floating vanities.
  3. Open-shelving.
  4. Soft accent colors like lilac and grey.
  5. Electric heated floors.
  6. Purple haze.
  7. Trough sinks.
  8. Updated Amenities.
  9. Innovative storage.
  10. Showers and freestanding tubs.

A few examples of the modern bathroom include:

Contemporary_bathroomClean, white, contemporary designs.

White may still dominate, but the move toward more clean, contemporary designs make this bathroom staple exciting again. Not only clean, this combination adds a lot of value to even the smallest of bathrooms because it creates he illusion of a bigger room.


Open shelvingOpen-shelving.

Open shelving began in kitchen design, but has taken a strong foothold in the bathroom as well. Not only does it look unique and airy, it makes most of the items you need all the time easily accessible. It also includes a great way to add subtle pops of color with color-coordinated towels and accessories. Just be sure to keep the shelves organized and dusted.

Lilac BathroomSoft accent colors like lilac and grey.

Adding a splash of color to bathrooms is a quick and easy way to refresh the room and add some personality. However, it’s easy to go overboard with colors that are bright or saturated. Save these eye-catching colors for areas like the living room, bedrooms, and others. Instead, look for colors in the “new neutrals” range. These include greys, taupes, lilacs, and more.