An Eat-in Kitchen Could Be Yours!


Have you always wished for an eat-in kitchen but thought you weren’t able to because of the size of your kitchen? Well you just might get your wish! In larger kitchens, you have the space to add a table and chairs or a bar but you are limited in a smaller kitchen. Unless you have a truly tiny kitchen you might have some space not for a standard table and chairs but for a banquette. These were the fad in the early 20th century and are now making it back into people’s homes as a great way to add another dimension to their kitchen and also a great eating space for the family.

You can go out and purchase a banquette completed all you have to do is install it or have someone else install it or you can DIY it. First you want to choose a spot for it; in a corner, alcove or against the far wall. You want to pick a spot that you would enjoy sitting and drinking your morning coffee and just relaxing. Shop some antique store and flea markets for a table and chairs with a unique design and build around it.

You can paint or stain your bench but why not add some artistic flair and use a beautiful, fun, color tile behind it and have your cushions on the bench seat. You can tile just the one wall and use it as a accent wall to showcase not just the nook but the kitchen its self, bringing it to life.

Create wall art with mosaic tiles and allow the banquette to be the focal point of the room. It will not only enhance you living space but it will also be the gathering place for your family and friends.


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