The Modern and Sleek Look of American Universal Tiles

American Universal Tiles

Plumbtile carries so many different tiles from many different manufacturers. We make sure to provide our customers with the largest variety and highest quality rating.  One of our most unique brands is the American Universal Corporation which is the largest importer of fine Japanese Porcelain Tile for Bathrooms, Kitchens, Floors and Walls. American Universal offers a complete line of decorative tile including Ceramic Tile, Hex Tile, Glass Tile, Porcelain and Japanese Mosaic tile. The tile is available in a large selection of colors and sizes including genuine gold glazed tiles and glass mosaic.

The styles that we carry from AUC include: Porcelain Field Tile, Glass Field Tile, Listello, Border Liner, Molding. Decorative Collection series: Andes, Brittany, Contempo, Contempia, Delta, Petit Metro, Fleurette, Flora, Gemstone Glass Mosaic, Islandia, Jurassic Stone, Penny Round, Monet Autumn, Nova, Pastel Fleur, Rose & Daisy, Seven Flower, Tropics, Rustic, Wild Rose, Rope Pinstripe, Tropical Camellia, Polka.

One of the styles we carry is AUC Delta’s tiles. You can create such a beautiful modern kitchen or bathroom using these tiles. They come in five different colors.

One of the most popular tiles AUC has created are the round penny tiles. These tiles are very universal and can fit for an array of different designs. If you are looking to keep the integrity of a 1950’s feel or the modern vibe of today you can use these tiles to create that beautiful unique look.  They come in so many different colors. If you are looking for a hexagon design, we offer many AUC tiles that will fit with your design style. Our American Universal SX Series would play off nicely with your traditional, modern or contemporary design. It’s amazing how universal these tiles are and can fit in with any of your design styles.

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive collection of American Universal products on the web. If you have any questions about AUC tiles one of our Plumbtile specialists are here to help.