Alape Review

Bathroom-Sinks-Basins-Bowls-215-215Alape is a company represented worldwide that has been made famous by the humble but clean lines of its popular bucket sink. One could go all over Europe and see this sink at different locales, including hotels, restaurants and public spaces of all kinds. They pride themselves on their purist vision and the simplicity of their designs, and focus on melding the human’s aesthetic with the physical object he chooses, which indicates the unmistakable uniqueness of the individual. So how does this company stack up to others? Let’s take a closer look at their product and vision.

Is Alape for You? A Look at their Fixtures

Alape has quite an impressive pedigree, and it can’t be said that all companies have had such an impact on how we view bathrooms. They’ve been in business since 1896 and invented the first built-in sink basin as well as the first cabinet-kitchen basin combination. A certain amount of respect should be given inherently to this company that helped shape how we view bathrooms.

They work with internationally known designers to help define their image and style. Their fixtures are highly modern and simple but elegant and striking. They seek to contribute to the style of the customer’s bathroom without taking the thunder away from the architecture of the room.

The company has excellent, high quality sinks and bathroom fixtures, but appeal stylistically to the European aesthetic. American tastes can vary somewhat, which could be seen as potentially a downside for the eclectic tastes of those stateside. Also, if you are not into the modernist designs of their sinks and like bathrooms that are more rustic, then you would have to pass this company. Alape is an excellent choice should your vision of a bathroom align with theirs and you have the funds to invest in the very best in bathroom sinks and fixtures.