Advantages of Hand Shower Sets

Hand shower sets are quite versatile and have several advantages when compared to the traditional mounted shower heads. Not only are hand showers stylish but extremely practical as well and present a sensible showering solution for all family members. PlumbTile has chosen to highlight a few of these advantages that hand shower sets have below.

Easier Cleaning

Hand showers enable you to clean your shower walls or freestanding bathtub with ease. There is no more worrying about how you will rinse off the soap scum after a good scrubbing. A fixed showerhead only permits you to rinse about half of the shower walls, but a hand shower provides the ability to rinse every square inch of your shower hassle-free.

Assisted Bathing

One of our favorite advantages is hand showers aid in assisted showering for both children and the elderly. There is an added convenience and comfort for everyone of all ages when utilizing a hand shower. A great benefit of hand showers is allowing the elderly to maintain their independence with the ability to shower by themselves. Hand showers make rinsing shampoo out of your child’s hair much easier and efficiently and without the backache.

Design Variety

You will not have a problem finding a hand shower set. Manufacturers like Dornbracht and Newport Brass have a wide array of sleek modern styles and chrome finishes. If you’re looking for a vintage-like hand shower with a twist, check out the Graff collection. PlumbTile carries more than 35 different manufacturers sure to fit your design style and needs.

Bathing Pets

As with kids, pets can be difficult to bathe too. Save your money and time and bathe your pup at home. Dogs need bathing more often, but the task can become quite cumbersome and time-consuming. A hand shower lets you rinse their fur more thoroughly and is a much more enjoyable experience for both your and your puppy.

Whether you are looking to do a complete remodel or simply upgrade your showerhead, the experts at PlumbTile are here to assist with all of your design needs. We are waiting to hear from you.