Which Tub is Right For You?

There are so many options when choosing a new bathtub. If you are redoing your bathroom or replacing your tub, why not select a bathtub that is going to turn your room into a spa. There are two bathtubs that seem to be the most popular, the jetted and soaking tubs. I’m sure you are wondering what the differences are between these two. Well in order to make an informed decision on which to choose, here are some features of them both.

soaking tub is pretty similar to a standard. The soaking tub is normally a bit shorter. It’s also more of an oval shape and is much deeper than any other tub. Having a deeper tub will give more room for water and the ability to actually soak in the tub.  A nice feature of a soaker tub is that they take up less space. There are so many different designs and possibilities to using the soaker tub in your room design.

The other popular bathroom tub is the jetted tub. These tubs are a bit larger and may take a little more room design to fit these in. Make sure you have space and know your room design. There are extra pipes and plugs that are fitted around the tub and require precision measurements when designing for your space. They are definitely well worth the work in design.

There are a couple of different jetted tubs to choose from. The water jet tub shoots the water through the jets. This helps it stay warm longer since it is actually recirculating the water. This will create a more soothing effect and are more powerful. The other is the air jet tub. This bathtub uses water to create movement in the tub they use air. Air jet tubs have a very soothing massage effect, but they can be somewhat less than the water jet type tub. With the air jet tubs, you can use essential oils or a bubble bath

Both of these bathtubs are phenomenal and would make a great addition to your room. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, as well as having many different features. PlumbTile carries the largest variety of choices and will help you find just the right tub for you!