5 Simple Ways to Go Green in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

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When you are thinking about remodeling or even designing your new home the latest trend is Eco-friendly building materials, appliances and even ways to cut cost and your carbon footprint. Some of the things are simple everyday changes you can make such as making meals for the week instead of the day that will save on fuel costs and save time, use a cloth tote instead of paper or plastic and you can cut down on your plastic containers and go for glass container. But if you are like most people you want to make a bigger change so here are a few ideas that will make the transition to a eco-friendly kitchen a little easier:

  • Eventually you will have to replace your toilet, there are so many water saving types from one that has two different flushed. You can choose from 0.8 or 1.6 gallons per flush, you can choose one that has a siphon-action jetted bowl that only uses 1.28 gpf or a toilet that uses 1.0 gpf this one utilizes Double Cyclone technology. You can also add water saver shower heads and a device that will recycle your hot water, reheat it and send it back out to you, saving money on your electric and wear and tear on your water heater.
  • When it comes to ovens and stoves you will always get a mixed response as to which is better. If you Use a natural gas stove you are burring a fossil fuel, if you prefer an electric stove keep in mind that most electricity is produced from coal-burning power plants. So no matter which you prefer, always make sure you get the energy efficient model it will cost a little more, but in the long run it will make up for it by saving you on your utility bill. If you love your gas look for the lower BTU output since this one will be the higher energy-efficient stove and if you love the cooktop stoves you will want to look for ones that use induction elements.
  • Get a good dishwasher. Yes ladies you now have a great excuse to save your dishpan hands and get a dishwasher! A dishwasher will use a estimated 37% LESS water than washing dishes by hand. Always make sure you are running a full load and use the economy cycle.
  • When building or remodeling always try to use reclaimed materials, reuse anything in your home such as cabinets, not only are you saving money, but you are also keeping a piece of the old house. Bathroom cabinets can always be refaced to look like new.
  • When you are choosing your lumber for floors, doors and cabinets look at what they are made from. You will want to avoid products made from old growth timber or endangered tropical hardwoods. While the exotic woods look beautiful you are contributing to the extinction of that tree. Look for certified and managed forests, recycled or reclaimed wood from riverbeds or old buildings you can even consider composites.