2017 Door Hardware Trends


When you are thinking about replacing your door hardware you need to take a couple of things into consideration. First always make sure you look at the functionality your hardware and security needs, make sure the finish of the knobs, locks and hinges match.

Changing your door hardware is a fabulous, low cost way to update a room and keep your home looking modern. This year you might want to consider boosting your curb appeal and what better way than change your door hardware. When you want to make, a change keep in mind your door and pick door hardware that doesn’t swallow the door but enhances it.

Picking out the perfect finish is very important, replace chrome with polished nickel as the hottest finish in hardware. Polished nickel is similar to chrome with a smooth, shiny finish, but it has gold undertones that make it a little warmer whereas chrome has a bluish tone that makes the hardware a bit cooler. Polished nickel is a great choice for the more traditional homes.

But if you want to break away from tradition burnished bronze is rapidly making its way as an alternative to chrome or if you’re looking at an older home, brass or wrought iron would offer greater authenticity in keeping with the age of the home. We are not only talking about knobs if you can jazz up your door with a specialty door knocker and vintage looking hinges.

In 2017, the trends are moving to a more modern clean look and moving away from the layered and texture-heavy look. When shopping for door hardware make sure you choose the style and finish that not only is stylish but shows off you and your inner interior designer. Have fun when picking out your new door hardware there are so many great options out there to choose from!