13 Storage and Organizing Ideas to Optimize Your Bathroom Vanity

There isn’t always enough storage in your bathroom. Unfortunately not everyone has a large bathroom.  Your bathroom vanity is often your best solution. There are so many things to consider when choosing the best organization based on the design of your bathroom.

Something you can consider doing is creating open shelving. Such as the Ginger – Surface 24 Inch Gallery Rail Shelf. This shelf serves as a decorative piece and can be used to stack towels. A design feature would be to keep stacked towels on open shelves. This gives you extra storage without having a big bulky cabinet.  You can also use some open shelves to add baskets to hide toiletries and make the bathroom have an airy feel.


You can also use a simple cabinet. Such as Danze – Orrington 30 Inch Freestanding  Vanity. This vanity is very elegant and would fit well in a smaller bathroom. You will want to try to maximize every inch of space you have in that vanity.


You can go with a more modern drawer unit like a Sonia – Next 33 Inch Wall-Hung Two-Drawer Cabinet that includes two drawers to get the most possible storage to organize all of your bathroom items. Making sure to use all space available.

If you have a little bit larger bathroom you can go with a Sonia – Nouveau Free-standing 48 Inch Two-Door, One-Drawer Cabinet. This cabinet features two doors and a drawer. It maximize

s your storage and even has a drawer to hide those unmentionables. It’s a very sleek design and will go with any bathroom.

Here are just a few different style vanities we have at Plumbtile you can use to maximize your bathroom space and create some organization in your bathroom. If you have any questions you can call one of our specialists to help you.